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Interview in Beat Magazine | Aug 2020

Interview reposted from Forte Mag. 


Interview in Forte Magazine | Aug 2020

“A pop-rock anthem with a heady rhythm, unique harmonies, and a super catchy pre-chorus that’ll stay in your head for days, ‘Really You’re a Nice Kid’ is reflective of resilience in the face of online negativity or online abuse; something that the world can relate to as COVID-19 shapes our relationship with the internet and each other”


Good Intent Music Premiere for Really You’re a Nice Kid | Aug 2020

“Rosalind, the captivatingly catchy Melbourne artist, has returned with a new pop-rock anthem about resilience.

‘Really You’re a Nice Kid’ instantly reels in the listener with a heady rhythm, unique harmony, and considerably catchy pre-chorus. The song serves as an anthem for those facing online negativity or online abuse.”


4 stars: Review in Beat Magazine for Dreamer’s Guide to Reality | Sept 2019

“The show presents Rosalind’s stunning songwriting abilities alongside clever, transitional monologues which tie the songs together. It’s a deeply personal performance where we are given the chance to see, in depth, the meanings and emotions behind the music.”


4 stars: Review in Forte Magazine for debut EP Rosalind | Sept 2019

“The Melbourne songwriter introduces herself as a talented, emotionally-aware and captivating storyteller in just four standout tracks”


Trouble Juice Premiere for Ruins | Aug 2019

“‘Ruins’ is a burst of reggae-tinged alt-rock, that sucks us in with its heady grooves while packing a punch with an empowering message.

Despite it being just her second release, it’s immediately clear from the self-assurance and swagger that flows through ‘Ruins’ that Rosiland is already something of a pro”


Review in The Music Below for Stronger | July 2019

“This folk rock song takes the listener on a journey from being lost, alone, and broken down to growing into someone stronger than anyone could imagine”