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lily | Expected July 2024


begin |  Expected June 2024


Nowhere to Fall

Recorded for the American Express Music Backers Stuido Week with producer Adam Rhodes. 

“I wrote this song in 2018 about an amazing guy I didn’t love. I performed it in 2019 with my brilliant band, in a show that has become one of my favourite memories. And I release it now in 2024, to say a fond farewell to a beautiful period of my life”

Really You’re A Nice Kid

A pop-rock anthem with a heady rhythm, unique harmonies, and a super catchy pre-chorus that’ll stay in your head for days. 

Really You're a Nice Kid - Cover - (Compressed)

Rosalind | Sept 2019 (EP)

EP Cover - Rosalind - Release 6.9.19


Heartbeat is a rolling, ambient piece with a message of ‘keeping on’ in the face of adversity. This song also inspired the EP’s cover art.

A live version recorded during our ‘backyard sessions’ can be found here.


Tragedy is a minimalistic ballad which showcases the pure and resonant tone of Rosalind’s voice. A story told with stream-of-consciousness style song writing, the song deals with committing to independence and stepping away from the past.

Stronger and Ruins also appeared on this EP (see below)

Stronger | single from EP

Stronger, the first single from the debut self-titled EP Rosalind, is an atmospheric rock song with a cinematic sound. Rosalind’s folk style vocals weave a tale of finding inner strength and learning to grow in dark times

Stronger - Single release cover

Ruins | single from EP

Drenched in reggae-inspired guitar and rock sensibility, Ruins is a by-product of Rosalind’s passion to spread a message of environmental advocacy. The track is a plea in the face of the climate crisis, calling for us not to run from this problem, but to use human ingenuity to solve it. Juxtaposed with a sweet and cheerful melody, the song emphasizes its call for action with a heartfelt and serious message.

Ruins - Single release cover - 16.8.19